Compassion Project

The Compassion Project Collaboration

 The Compassion Project grew out of a desire to help children separated from their families on the US border. Community members in Athens, Ohio and all over the world are invited to make hearts to represent hope for the families and people effected by the separation.  Compassion Project hearts will be publicly displayed in art installations.

 How to get involved:

 You are invited to make hearts - each heart representing a child separated from their family. You are welcome to send hearts to Passion Works Studio (20 E State St. Athens, OH 45701) and your heart will become part of an installation project in Athens, Ohio or make an installation in your own community. Large hearts, small hearts, paintings, sewing, knitting, paper, felt, cardboard, postcards, wood...whatever you have, whatever you do - you can photograph and share here too  Make a heart and give it to someone who is hurting. Make and share, make and share.

 Keep talking about what is going on, keep moving.  Organize a group; coworkers, family, friends, book club, drum circle, camp, church, synagogue, mosque… together for heart making! Make one heart for one child or one hundred hearts for one hundred children.

 This project will be an ongoing action until the children are returned to their families.


Fundraiser for ACLU:


To increase awareness and help the ACLU helping families with legal fees we have organized a fundraiser. A beautiful heart made for the Compassion Project, by Heather Eubanks, has been made into a sticker. With a donation of $5.25 this beautiful heart sticker can be yours. $1.25 will go to Passion Works Studio, to cover printing, handling and shipping costs.