Meet Our Artists

Scott “Scooter” Brooks
Scooter finds inspiration in nature, art history books, and
enjoys recreating paintings from past eras.
He is meticulous in his making process.
He paints almost every day and finds the
making process to be calming and relaxing.
Scooter sees himself as a “world famous artist”.
He plans to continue his journey as an artist by
submitting to local, regional, and international art shows.



Pam Cline
Pam is an enthusiastic artist. She finds her inspiration in
nature and enjoys using bright fun colors.
Her spunky attitude and joy is truly contagious!  

Paul Coe
Paul is a fun and goofy guy. If Elvis is playing in the radio
he can be caught dancing with his paint brush. 
When focused he spends every minute in the
studio making fun drawings of sunshine’s and people.   



John Coey

John enjoys creating drawings of animals and people.
His interpretations of these creatures come to life on the page!
John enjoys putting in dedicated time to his work
as a professional artist.



Fred “Freddie” Cremeans
Fred also known as “Freddie” has been part of Passion Works
since the beginning. He is a fun and focused artist.
He is masterful with spontaneous line works and rich colors.

David Dewey

David Dewey is one of the original Passion Works Artists.
He is best known for his iconic designs such as appliances,
the Howling Wolf and Grumpy Fish.



Bill Dooley

Bill is a longtime artist and art enthusiast. He pulls his inspiration from Irish and Celtic themes and medieval stories. He often creates creatures you could find within magical and mythical stories of years past. He is a true romantic and poet. He is also the Grand Marshall of the annual Honey for the Heart parade in Athens, OH.










Jason Douglas

Jason is a quick and detailed artist. He is widely inspired by
pop culture and themes of the 80s and 90s.
You will often hear him playing theme songs such as
Pac-Man and the Power Rangers.



Jimmy Gillespie

Jimmy loves drawing and painting!
He is known for his famous sweetheart, which is
based off of his love, Irene.
He has developed his own authentic
style of drawing. He is part of the original
Passion Works crew. He can light up the room
with his spirit and has a highly contagious laugh.




Troy Goins

Troy is a seasoned artist, dabbling in many different mediums.
He pulls inspiration from anime, mythology, and sci-fi.
He has excelled in creating pet portraits for the studio.
He loves having new experiences and expressing them through his art.



Tiffany Grubb

Tiffany has a fun and silly personality and loves to use the color purple!
She tends to create familiar subjects in her artwork.
Her favorites are her cats, Rocco (the Passion Works shop dog),
and her famous flowers!



Sadie Hedges

Sadie lets her imagination go wild in her drawings.
She enjoys taking animals and morphing them together
to create new hybrids. She uses
fun and wacky techniques to bring her creations alive!




Noah Hogan
Noah’s art is detailed and accurate. He has expansive
knowledge of nature, animals, myths, and science.
He is conversationally proficient in other languages and
loves to explore other cultures. He is the author
and illustrator of the “Crabby” book series.
He extremely personable and his loving heart
shows through his artwork.  



Blane Morris

Blane is our resident weatherman and comedian.
He loves depicting intense, treacherous weather
patterns in his artwork. He loves music,
fast trains, and making other laugh! 



Laura Olinger
Laura adorns her colorful artwork with birds,
bees, and vines where
they can perch. Her joy shows through her artwork.
        She enjoys trying new mediums and subjects.  


Ica Queen

Ica is a focused artist. She finds creating therapeutic and calming.
She creates beautiful landscapes of flower and trees.
Her kind caring natures shows through when
working on collaborations with other artists. 



Alexis Rhinehart

Alexis’ art is all about Motown and storytelling! Her artwork is
focused on her poems and stories she creates
about Smokey Robinson. She loves to write her stories in
beautiful cursive within collaborative works with other artists. 



Cardon Smith

Cardon draws his inspiration from architecture and man-made structures. He uses blueprints and photos of houses to create linear and unique layered paintings. Over time, through the creative process Cardon has developed his own concentrated authentic style of painting that can be recognized to a familiar eye. Recently he has taken up an interest in photography and would like to explore that medium in the future.





Deb “Miss Rufus” Taylor

Deb is the #1 Ohio University Bobcats Fan! She won’t let you forget that. Rufus, the mascot,  is her main inspiration. She enjoys depicting her favorite sports teams such as the OU Bobcats and the Milwaukee Bucks, in her artwork. She has a distinct style that you can find in the color patterns and textures in her work.




Forest Willison

Forest is a quiet and focused artist. He pulls inspiration from
Richard Scary books and the Price Is Right.
He mainly works in marker but works both small and large scale.



Sarina Winner

Sarina loves to use a variety of colors but her favorite is pink!
Her hands dance across the canvas as she shares her
story in every painting. She is a dedicated artist and one of the
kindest souls you will ever come across.