Passion Works Studio


To Inspire and Liberate the Human Spirit Through the Arts

Passion Works Studio is a collaborative community art center encouraging people of all abilities to work and thrive within partnership celebrating the power of creativity, connection and purpose.


Twenty years ago (1998) Passion Works Studio began as a collaborative community studio housed within a sheltered workshop where people with and without developmental disabilities made art together. The studio was a trailblazer in creating an integrated setting where people were encouraged to investigate their own talents and interests while simultaneously participating in community based programming and creative employment options. 


Passion Works has created art, spectacle, and merchandise reflecting the spirit of Athens, Ohio. Today we are located in uptown Athens, visitors are welcome to tour the studio, experience the making of Passion Flowers; “The Official Flower of Athens Ohio”, jump into collaborative art making, see giant puppets, fantastically funky art and the Passion Works Boutique. 

Passion Works Studio is dedicated to creating opportunities for all people to explore and socially connect through the process of making art. We have a particular interest in following the esthetic lead, talents and interests of people who experience developmental differences and support collaborations with the larger community to encourage a more vibrate healthy and connective culture. 


 The Passion Flower

The Passion Flower is the essence of Athens, Ohio. Since 1998 artists with and without developmental differences, from Passion Works Studio, have been making these metal sculptures from up-cycled aluminum newspaper printing plates. Adding bright color, texture and form the studio has produced and sold over 24,000 pieces nationally and internationally.

Traditionally, people who experience developmental differences have been offered very systematic predictable/assembly style work options. The design of this art product turns this notion upside-down. The design of the petal shapes were made from drawings by PW Artist Carolyn Williams, painters collaborate in the production of the flower adding texture and design through their own individual talents and interests. The color palette is consistent and each flower is a unique representation of the collective makers.

Visitors are welcome to visit Passion Works located at 20 E. State St. uptown Athens, Ohio and experience the production of the Passion Flower. Passion Flowers are available for purchase on location and through the studio’s website.