Casey Collins

Meet Casey - The Creative Train Enthusiast 🚂
Hello, I'm Casey, a creative, autistic, sassy, and kind individual who has a deep passion for trains. In fact, you can call me Thomas the Tank Engine's biggest fan! When I'm not busy creating art, I can be found listening to music, watching videos, and playing with my beloved trains. Music is another significant part of my life. Techno beats and the powerful sounds of Linkin Park resonate with my creative soul. Whether it's finding inspiration for my artwork or simply getting lost in the rhythm, music fuels my passion and sets the tone for my creative endeavors. I pour my heart and soul into my creations, using various mediums and techniques to capture my unique perspective and share it with the world. Art is an essential outlet for self-expression, and I treasure the ability to showcase my creative ingenuity. Welcome to my world, where the love for trains and artistic flair collide.