Artist led

From the beginning we wanted to create an organization that follows the lead, talent and interests of our artists.

This means that instead of a typical work model or environment, we created a space and way of working that works for our artists - and a studio environment conducive for people of all abilities.

Radically inclusive

We choose to use the word, “difference”, not “disability”.

We believe in celebrating, elevating and transforming people, places and things that would otherwise be overlooked, discarded or neglected.

We practice radical inclusion and acceptance of all differences and abilities in the artmaking process.

Creative employment

Through our work we provide artists with employment, community and a sense of purpose.

Our core artists are paid an hourly minimum wage and commissions on sales of art they have contributed to.

Operational Independence

Our work and mission are sustained through sales of artwork, donations and grants. We choose to operate without the governmental subsidies that traditional programs get for providing activities for those with developmental differences.