To create and support inclusive communities through individual exploration and the collaborative art process.

Passion Works Studio creates opportunities for all people to explore and socially connect through the process of making art.

We follow the lead, talents and interests of people with developmental differences and collaborate with people of all abilities, through artmaking, to create vibrant and inclusive communities.  We upcycle otherwise discarded materials and produce environmentally responsible artistic items.  We elevate, celebrate and transform people, places and things that would otherwise be overlooked or abandoned.

The Passion Flower

The Passion Flower, our signature product, is the Official Flower of Athens, OH.  Each unique, collaboratively-constructed, hand-painted flower is made from upcycled aluminum newspaper printing plates.  They are safe to install inside or out.  Over 35,000 have been sold, to date, demonstrating the power of the social and creative economy.  20% of sales proceeds from certain specialty flowers are donated to a variety of local causes.

How we started

In 1998, Passion Works started in a 10’ x 10’ corner of a sheltered workshop through a grant from the Ohio Arts Council.  We had a vision for a collaborative art studio where people with and without development differences could create art together.

In 2009, we moved to our current home in uptown Athens, OH and became a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization in 2018.  

Our Values

At our core we aspire to provide employment, opportuinty and a sense of creative purpose for people with developmental differences.

By working primarily with upcycled materials we aim to sustainable- new life to our resources.

Through our studio, projects, and art events, we aim to strengthen communities and create inclusive, welcoming spaces for all.

Come visit the store!

20 East State Street
Athens, Ohio 45701

Mon - Sat, 10am - 6pm
Closed Sundays