Story of Flying Coloring Book

A Story of Flying was written as a birth gift to a family who had just had a beautiful baby boy, Gabriel. Gabriel was horn with Down syndrome, and poet Deni Naffziger wrote “A Story of Flying” in anticipation of the joy that would be shared between Gabriel and his sister, Sophia, the adventures they would have, and the hopes and dreams of their parents for their children. This book is a celebration of potential when we encourage each other to fly and dream, incredible things are possible. Naffziger’s poem has been the inspiration for countless pieces of art work, conversations about ability, the PBS documentary “Passion Works: A Story of Flying”, and encouragement for all parents who dream of the best for their children.

Passion Works Studio in Athens, Ohio, and Colors of the Soul Studio in Punta Arenas, Chile, both support collaborations between artists with and without developmental disabilities. Through an international, artistic exchange, these two studios have created the artwork for “A Story of Flying”. Different languages, cultures and locations need not inhibit our ability to share, dream, create beautiful works of art and encourage everyone to dream and FLY!

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